Elevating your Biltong

Elevating your Biltong

Following the most trendy internet fashion of throwing your opinion into the mix, we’ve decided to take it on ourselves to offer some suggestions on the best ways to take your biltong experience to the next level.

The first option is to take your newly acquired biltong, chop it fine and turn it into a dip – recipe found on the blog here. Feel free to experiment though. Starting with a base of biltong, cream cheese and sour cream there aren’t many flavor destinations that won’t be fantastic.

Speaking of – here’s a really easy one. Grab a whole block of your favorite cream cheese and put it on a plate. Top with slices of traditional TX Biltong and cover the whole thing with sweet chili sauce. Give folks some crusty bread and a knife to slather this little bit of biltong heaven upon and bask in their admiration.

Does the chili have you intrigued? Well then, for next level flavor, grab a slab of biltong and slice it into your preferred thickness. Then top each slice with some candied jalapenos. Just trust us on this one. It. Will. Blow. Your. Mind. Once you have your mind back where it belongs, try the next bite with a squeeze of lemon. You’re welcome.

Finally, the ever-elusive perfect charcuterie board need not elude you any longer. Start with a slab of biltong. Slice it into varying thicknesses. Then add some cracked black pepper variety. Now, it’s the supporting act, the accoutrements, the je ne sais quoi. Biltong is beefy, salty, with a touch of sweet from the original marinade – so think about things that will contrast and highlight these. Suggestions from our experience are grapes, apples or pears, hard cheeses, nuts (side note, we are from Texas so they had better be pecans - better yet, grab some candied pecans and again, you’re welcome). Finish the board with olives, honey, pickles, and perhaps a sweet heat option (see aforementioned candied jalapenos idea). Serve with crackers, crusty toasted bread or pita chips and something good to drink. You can add other meats too, but we can neither confirm nor deny their utility in this scenario (we deny it).

Carry on.
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